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Saturday, April 18, 2009

I’m at GoGaRuCo

… the Golden Gate Ruby Conference. Three talks I like so far, for different reasons:

  • Trust the Vote by Greg Miller. This talk started out with a Hollywood-produced video, and barely touched on Rails, which isn’t, you know, cool. But the use of untrustable, proprietary technology for registration, voting, and tallying is a big problem, and these folks are doing something about it. Good idea!
  • Sinatra: The Framework Within by Aaron Quint. A lot of talks here are “here’s this cool thing and how I did it / how to do it”. This was about a new way of thinking about something – instead of Sinatra as a small framework for building web applications, Sinatra as an easy way to add web to your applications. I especially like this because I suspect most of the things we think of as web applications are, or turn out to be, really applications with some web on top.
  • CloudKit by Jon Crosby. I’m interested in this – a project that makes it very easy to create RESTful JSON services, including OpenID and OAuth support – but mostly what I liked is that he kept throwing out new ideas fast enough that my attention didn’t have time to wander. Thanks, Jon!

Still about 1/3 of the conference to go….

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