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Monday, August 10, 2009


This weekend RailsBridge ran its first Rails BugMash:

The idea is simple: RailsBridge has a lot of energy. The Rails Lighthouse has a lot of open tickets. With the help of some Rails Core team members, we’re going to see what we can do to cut down the number of open tickets, encourage more people to get involved with the Rails source, and have some fun.

Definitely a success – reportedly at least 120 tickets were closed, I’m sure a lot of new people got involved, and the people on #railsbridge seemed to be having fun.

I meant to get involved early – even thought about driving to San Francisco to join some other bug mashers face to face – but instead I spent most of the weekend tracking down an obscure interaction in HtmlUnit/Rhino, Yahoo! Maps, and Prototype. What with that and two Tin Cat shows, I didn’t get around to the BugMash until Sunday afternoon.

Still, I did get to it. And now I’m officially a Rails contributor! Those two contributions are actually one – the early version that was committed by accident, and the later, more thorough revision. (I also shepherded this new feature into the core.)

So that’s great! I’ve been wanting to help out somehow with Rails for a while, but it’s, you know, big. It helped that someone had gone through the open tickets and picked out good ones for us to work on. It helped that there were people around on IRC to talk about the code and how to recover from newbie git mistakes. And it helped that there was a bot ready to supply a new project every time I finished one (or thought I’d finished it). I’m a sucker for a steady flow of work – in my head I’m still typing “!gimme” at the IRC prompt.

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