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Monday, April 19, 2010

sane Sinatra stack traces in Cucumber

I’m building an app in Sinatra and testing it (in part) with Cucumber. When exceptions were raised in my application, I’d get a stack trace wrapped in pages and pages of HTML – very nice when you’re testing in a browser, but almost impossible to work with in a command-line test. After a surprisingly long investigation, I added these lines to env.rb:

# Don't generate fancy HTML for stack traces.
disable :show_exceptions
# Allow errors to get out of the app so Cucumber can display them.
enable :raise_errors

Both are required. If you just disable :show_exceptions, you’re spared the fancy HTML, but you’re also spared any useful information about what’s going wrong. (You just get “Internal Server Error”.) But if you just enable :raise_errors, well, the errors don’t get raised – they’re trapped by the exception-showing code.

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