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Friday, May 6, 2011

my plans for Minnebar

Posted here, because why write something down if you’re not going to put it on the web somewhere?

9:40: Geeks Connecting Neighbors. Because talking with a bunch of fellow geeks about how to use technology to help people connect with their neighbors seems easier than actually talking to my neighbors. Backup: Mirah.

10:40: Making Music Like a Nerd II. I make software and I make music, but not at the same time, and for decades now I’ve been alternately intrigued and irritated by the tools to do it. Time to look again. Backup: Maps? Fonts? Android?

11:40: Building the Tech Community You Want to See. Because I like diversity. Backup: ?

1:40: I don’t know, maybe social networks.

2:40: OpenStreetMap 101. I like maps! And openness! I used OSM on Touring Machine and was impressed. Backup I should be going to instead: Negotiating Consulting Contracts That Work.

3:40: Color Theory & Consumption. Not sure why. Backup: Get More From Your Data, or Why Don’t You Blog More?

4:40: Personal Rapid Transit. I’ve been skeptical about this concept since I read Bruno Latour’s Aramis back in the ’90s, but I don’t really remember why. Time for a refresher course!

Minnebar is “an (un)conference aimed at getting those in Minnesota’s tech and design communities together to discuss topics that interest them.” It happens tomorrow, and it’s sold out.

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