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Monday, March 14, 2011

Back to Java

When I picked up Ruby on Rails in 2006, it was a great relief after several years in Java and C to be using a language that let me express things concisely, without a lot of boilerplate, and without fighting the type system all the time. But this week I was contacted by an old client to do a little touch-up on a Java program, and you know what? Java is kind of fun again!

And it turns out I’ve missed some things about Eclipse – specifically, the way Java and Eclipse, working together, can let you know you’ve made a dumb mistake long before your tests or your web browser do. And although I’m comfortable using ruby-debug at the command line, I’ve missed having a GUI around my debugger. Maybe I’ll give RadRails or NetBeans or RubyMine another shot.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rails 2.3 backtraces and emacs

This morning I exhumed an old Rails project and started cranking it forward from Rails 1.2.2 to the current version, 2.3.2. That’s about two years of Rails develpopment. This afternoon I got all the tests passing except for two (and I think they’re failing because Yahoo has changed its geocoder)… and then I found the other stash of tests. So, still working on it.

I spent some time tonight sidetracked by tools. In Emacs, thanks to Ryan Davis, I can shift-mouse-3 on pretty much any line in a stack trace and be taken to the right line in the right file. But under Rails 2.3 it doesn’t always work: (more…)

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

RubyMine (IDEA for Ruby)

Quick thoughts on trying out the RubyMine IDE (based on IntelliJ IDEA) today: (more…)

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